Tech Lab Blog Challenge

This is a “reposting” from a blog challenge I participated in last year; now we have a new class of Tech Lab bloggers and a new challenge!

This challenge was originally lifted from a blog post by Matt Degner called “Be Great and Get Better!” Mr. Degner is the Principal of South East Junior High in Iowa City.

This week, I’m asking my EDU219 Tech Lab students to step up to this blog challenge. Lots of PLNs (Professional Learning Networks) take part in meme-based blog challenges. These offer a writing prompt and push us to follow/comment on each other’s blogs.

Here are our rules:

  • Acknowledge the nomination blogger (that would be me!)
  • Share 11 random facts about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions your nomination blogger has created for you
  • List 11 bloggers (OK..for our purposes, since we’re new at this, find just one or two bloggers you think deserve a little recognition)
  • Optional: if the original challenge, each person finds 11 MORE bloggers to “nominate” to the challenge (and comes up with their own set of 11 questions). If you’d like to jump in and try this – AWESOME! No worries if you’re not there, yet.

11 Random Facts About Me

  1. I’m originally from South Dakota, but have lived over half my life in other places. I’ve met more than a few people (even in the Midwest) that think there is one large area called “the Dakotas”
  2. I know the words to a lot of songs. I like to sing them out loud. I do not have a good singing voice.
  3. The first time I was in an airplane was to shoot video of The Golden Knights Parachuting Team (Army). It was a big cargo plane, and I was strapped in next to the large (open) door, laying on the floor with my head and camera hanging outside.
  4. I love to ride my bicycle.
  5. I like to cook and bake with my kids, but I dislike cleaning up afterwards.
  6. I’d like to become a better photographer (and I’d like to win the lottery so I can buy better lenses for my camera).
  7. There were 18 people (including me) in my HS graduating class.
  8. My dad was the principal of my high school.
  9. I feel aimless or lost if I do not have a book to read (electronic or solid surface does not matter)
  10. After my daughter started competing on a swim team, and I sat through the first meet (2-3 minutes of exciting racing followed by an hour of waiting for the next event, times 4-5 hours) I called my parents and thanked them for sitting through all of my junior high, high school and college track meets. For 8 years I competed in the FIRST and LAST event of every meet.
  11. My parents grew up on farms roughly 3 miles apart, but didn’t know each other until they got to High School.

Since I didn’t actually get nominated, I’ll answer the same 11 questions (as I interpret them based on answers) that Mr. Degner answered posed by @aaron_becker32:

  1. My favorite book to read as a kid was the Little House on the Prairie series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. My 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Barrows, read the entire series out loud after lunch every day, and I read them all myself at least 3-4 times, too.
  2. My two favorite athletes: John Elway (I have a dog named Elway) and Wilma Rudolph.
  3. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Barrows, my 4th grade teacher. The lasting lesson I have from her is how important it is to recognize and acknowledge good things in each other.
  4. The best party food I make: can’t narrow it down, but we have a big back yard and occasionally have bonfires. I love to experiment making gourmet s’mores.
  5. Favorite location: on my bike.
  6. One place I’d like to visit: Greece. Love the food, interested in the history and geography.
  7. Historical figure I’d like to meet: Susan B Anthony or Amelia Earheart.
  8. If I had 4 extra hours in every day: I’d hang out with my family and read more.
  9. Favorite Quote: “When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind.” – Dr Wayne W. Dyer
  10. Something in our field that I’m interested in learning: I want to explore and learn more about game-based learning theories.
  11. How would I change education/educational model? I’d quit thinking of students as the sum of their years. Why do we put all of the 9 year olds in a room together and assume this is the best way to group them in a learning environment?

Bloggers:  (I’m nominating EVERYONE in the class!)

My 11 Questions (so in addition to the 11 things about yourself, you’ll also answer these 11 questions)

  1. What’s one book you’ve read that you think everyone should read? (it can be from any age level)
  2. What has been your best educational experience?
  3. What was your worst educational experience?
  4. If you were not pursuing a degree in education, what career field would you be heading toward?
  5. What is your favorite thing to do with a free hour? (assuming you had no homework or pending projects)
  6. Who was your favorite teacher?
  7. What’s your favorite quote?
  8. What’s something you’ve heard about (or read about) that you’d like to know more about?
  9. What’s one thing you’d like to change about our current educational system(s)?
  10. What is your stress reliever?
  11. Did you participate in any Coe Homecoming activities? If so, what was your favorite part? (if not, what’s one interesting thing you did this past weekend?)

5 thoughts on “Tech Lab Blog Challenge

  1. 1. From the many books that I have read, which is very little to none, I think everyone should read Gym Candy by Carl Deuker
    2. Observing classrooms and completing another semester of college
    3. Failing exams and dropping classes
    4. Physical therapy or Athletic training
    5. Relaxing with friends and family. Listening to music, watching movies
    6. Mr. Sovers and Mrs. Bowlin
    7. “But all I ever settled for is that we’re born to live and then to die, and… we got to do it alone, each in his own way. And I guess that’s why we got to love those people who deserve it like there’s no tomorrow. ‘Cause when you get right down to it – there isn’t.” Vision Quest
    9. Not have so many requirements like the CBASE, GPAs to be excepted into the educational program.
    10. Listening to music relaxing, video games, hanging out with friends and family
    11. Yes. Being around my friends and going to the dance

    • 11 Random Facts about Josh Kriegel
      1. Favorite NFL team- DA Chicago Bears
      2. Favorite College Football team- GO HAWKS!! Iowa Hawkeyes
      3. Love to watch The Office and Friends
      4. I would love to marry my angel….. Brooklyn Decker
      5. 4 sport athlete in High School—-Football, Wrestling, Track and Field, Baseball
      6. 3 older brothers all in their 30s married with kids and a sister two years younger than me. Love them all!!!
      7. I have 6 nieces and 2 nephews… Can’t get enough of them!!!
      8. Favorite Actors– Tom Cruise, Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell
      9. My family has a cabin we built together right outside my hometown in good old Marengo Iowa
      10. I am very competitive….. especially when I play Mario Kart
      11. Favorite Country Singers– George Strait, Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley

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