New Semester

I love the start of a new semester. It’s like a chance to start everything fresh and new, with new perspective gained by the experience of last semester! I’m excited enough to say “YAY!”

We’re mixing things up in Tech Lab this semester; after Spring Break we’re going into ‘game mode’.  I hope everyone finds this as fun and intriguing as I am, so far!

To my students – welcome! I’ll use this blog to write reflections on what we’ve been doing in lab and to share what I’m doing outside of lab.

Currently I’m experimenting with a new online tool called eduCanon. It’s a platform to add time-embedded questions to video. For example; you’ve got a great video on YouTube (or TeacherTube or Vimeo) that you’d like your students to watch. You’d like to make sure they’re getting it, though, right? This platform allows you to embed questions in the video. I’ve been playing with Sir Ken Robinson’s TEDtalk “Changing Paradigms“.  If you watch it, you’ll see there are several times where the video pauses and a question pops up. I’ve embedded ‘food for thought’ type questions, not the type of questions that really require a right or wrong answer. The platform does allow you to embed multiple choice questions and you can collect and analyze answers. This is a work in progress. I’ll report more as I continue to learn more. The tool is designed with Classroom Flipping in mind.

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