A Story in Five Frames

What is A Story in Five Frames?

5 photos that tell a story. No words, except for a title.

A Story in Five Frames or a Story in 5 Pictures is a meme that started over six years ago on Flickr. Flickr still has an active SI5Fs group that hosts a monthly storytelling contest. Since then, though, the concept of documenting a story (which could be a narrative, a journalistic-type report, sequential photos to reveal a moment, a documentation of beginning/middle/end of event) has spread. What ways could you use the concept of  Story in Five Frames in your unit/lessons? Could this be another way to assess learning (without writing a test?)

Flickr Group

More resources:

  • A classroom wiki describing “A Story in Five Frames” as a class project.
  • From TeachersNetwork.org – a 3-lesson unit on Visual Storytelling focused on the 5-Frame concept
  • From Mapping Media to the Common Core by Wes Fryer, this Story in 5 Photos lesson is geared toward elementary and lower-elementary

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